Body camera footage from New Jersey State Police show the moment they found a 4-year-old boy wandering the woods in Buena Vista Township.

We're not crying, you're crying.

The child and his dog reportedly wandered away from their home in Buena on Wednesday, reports.

They were found a half a mile away in a nearby wooded area of Buena Vista Twp.

In the video below, posted by on YouTube, you can hear the urgency and relief in the voices of officers who spot the boy and then frantically run to rescue him. One officer scoops the crying and clearly terrified child into her arms to let him know he's safe.

Upon being noticed, the boy was quick to let officers know he'd lost a shoe somewhere along his journey. Kids, lol, am I right?

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Thank goodness police were able to find this little one and his dog before nightfall and before the temperature dropped as the situation could have been much worse. At least he had his dog by his side.


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