Of course, New Jersey's famous for all of our fabulous boardwalk rides like those on Morey's Pier in Wildwood, Wonderland and Playland Piers in Ocean City, Steel Pier in AC, etc. We're not talking about boardwalk amusements, though. There's no arguing that NJ has the BEST boardwalk entertainment.

We're talking about the old school amusement parks you loved as a kid. You know, the ones that are maybe one step up from a carnival? Believe it or not, Six Flags Great Adventure wasn't the only amusement park to always reign supreme in New Jersey. If you grew up in South Jersey, then you no doubt took a trip or two to this one in particular.

Clementon Park in Camden County was such a great experience. I have so many fun memories from Clementon as a kid. The Jackrabbit was the first roller coaster I ever rode!

Who knew the lake was actually used recreationally at one point? Awesome!

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