A Vineland Police officer is being investigated after a man he was arresting suffered a fractured skull on Jan. 12.

The Cumberland County prosecutor's office has now released bodycam video of the incident.

The video shows officers responding to Inspira Medical Center.on January 12. William "Billy" Oslin, 59, who was drinking, was tackled by police when he ignored police orders, causing his head to hit the ground. Police say they were called for a domestic violence incident in the parking lot, and found a man intoxicated and still drinking.

"He's drunk as a skunk. He wasn't driving, she was. Apparently he's been drinking for nine days straight," one officer is heard to say.

According to 6ABC Action news, Oslin's girlfriend she was there and was trying to take him into the hospital to detox. The video shows the officer talking to Oslin for about seven minutes. Then, authorities say, Oslin started walking towards a woman and a security guard with clenched fists.

Then the officer take Oslin down to the ground, cuffing him. Authorities say the officer who forced Oslin down is the one under investigation.

Blood can be seen on the sidewalk under his head. His daughter told Action News her father suffered a fractured skull and he was taken to Cooper Hospital for treatment.

See one of the police body cam videos...

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