It sounds like the City of Vineland has had it with all the abandoned shopping carts around town.

Whenever I see a shopping cart somewhere it doesn't belong it does make me shake my head. I think, 'How did it get there?' 'Who put it there?' 'Why did they put it there?'

It seems like a lazy act. Of course, I think it's lazy when someone leaves their cart in the middle of a parking lot where they've been shopping instead of pushing it back to the cart return. It's my pet peeve.

However, I have a car. I can drive to the store and not have to walk there and lug groceries home on foot. Maybe, some people don't own cars. Maybe where they shop isn't close to public transportation. For some people, taking the shopping cart is their only option. I'm trying to be sympathetic to that.

But in Vineland, abandoned shopping carts are getting out of hand and city council is reportedly considering imposing fines to discourage the act.

An ordinance was issued by the council last month proposing a $50/cart fine for 'any person or legal entity convicted', according to Press of Atlantic City.

A final vote on abandoned shopping cart fines is being held on Tuesday, March 14th at 6:30 p.m. The hearing is open to the public if you'd like to voice your opinion.

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I'll be curious to know more specific details on how the fines will work if the ordinance moves forward. For instance, if a cart is just on the side of a road and no one is around, who gets fined? Does the store the cart CAME FROM get fined? If so, is that fair?

Vineland City Council Chambers is located at City Hall, 640 E. Wood St., Second Floor.

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