Christmas came about three weeks early for a man buying a scratch off lottery ticket at a South Jersey convenience store and car wash.

An East Vineland car wash and convenience store sold a winning $3 million lottery ticket in early December, according to the New Jersey Lottery.

The winning "$3,000,000 Cash Out" ticket was sold at Dante Car Wash on Dante Ave. in East Vineland on only the second day that the new new scratch off game was being played.

According to the Vineland Daily Journal, business owner Gurwinder Kaur sold the $25 ticket on Dec. 4 to a man who checked his numbers immediately.

Kaur said the winner, who has yet to be identified by state lottery officials, was not a regular customer to the store.

According to the New Jersey Lottery website, more than 7.1 million of the scratch-off game tickets were printed with only three top prize winning tickets. The jackpot winner has the option of a $2.1 million lump sum payout or an annual payment of 120,000 for 25 years.

Source: New Jersey Lottery/Vineland Daily Journal

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