The Vineland Health Department is asking for your help finding a fox thought to be rabid, which has attacked three people and chased two others.

In a post on the city's Facebook page, Vineland Animal Control say they have been unable to find the fox and warn about the danger to people, pets or other wildlife that come into contact with a rabid fox.

On Sunday, April 25th, Animal Control was dispatched to a home near of Riviera Boulevard for an animal complaint involving a fox which attacked two individuals.

The health department has since learned the fox also attacked one other person and chased two others. Animal Control has not been able to capture the fox. Due to its behavior, they suspect the fox is rabid. Anyone who was attacked, bitten or scratched, is advised to seek treatment and speak to their healthcare professional.

Vineland Health Officer Robert Dickinson has this advice.

“We would like homeowners to examine their pets for wounds of unknown origin and if anything suspicious is found please see your veterinarian or contact the health department. We are also asking residents in the area to be watchful for any animals exhibiting strange behavior, signs of illness or undue aggression. The fox may have had altercations with other wildlife and if rabid may have exposed other animals”


The Vineland Health Department wants you to know how serious rabies can be and how important it is to have pets vaccinated. Rabies is a virus that can infect all species of mammals.

Raccoons, skunks, foxes, coyotes, groundhogs and bats are known to carry the virus and infect other animals. If you see an animal acting strangely, you should:

- Stay well away from the animal and advise others to do so.
- Advise the local authorities immediately by calling Animal Control at 691-4111.
- Anyone who may have come in contact with the fox, or had their pets come in contact   with the fox are encouraged to contact the Vineland Health Department at 856-794-   4131.

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