The late, great Hunt's Pier, a fondly remembered amusement park at the center of the Wildwood boardwalk between 1957 and 1985, was a must-do summer attraction for kids and families for decades. Watch a trailer about Hunt's Pier from the early 1970's.

Hunt's Pier is still remembered as the home of the Golden Nugget, which is vividly described here by

A runaway mine car will whisk you through a western frontier complete with cowboys and Indians. Once up the lift hill, you would be taken on a short jaunt atop the structure where you could view an old prospector panning for gold... a covered wagon and the boot hill graveyard just before being dropped down the bottomless shaft!

Today, Hunt's Pier is owned by Morey's Piers, which uses the location for storage.

But let's take a trip back to the Hunt's Pier glory days in the early 1970's with this trailer produced to be played as a commercial before movies in local theaters....

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