The attached video shows everything you should NOT do if you encounter a black bear weighing several hundred pounds.

The minute-long video was taken during a Labor Day Weekend cookout in Lake Harmony in the Poconos.

The video shows the bear slowly lumbering through the campsite where several people are gathered watching TV and celebrating the holiday.

The bear seems surprisingly docile and unafraid of the people -- almost as though he is a trained pet. He is not. It is a wild bear.

A man approaches the bear and begins leading it out of the campsite. As he does, the guy is within easy striking distance of the bear and you can feel the suspense building as you wait for something to go wrong.

As the man makes it to the fenced gate of the campsite, he walks right in front of this huge bear and opens the gate to encourage the bear to leave the yard.

By now, it seems that the man has finally provoked the bear to the point where the animal reaches up with its right front paw and quickly claws the man's side through his shirt.

The guy tries to remain calm and holds the gate open and, luckily for the dim-witted star of the video, the bear leaves the campsite. The man closes the gate and then acts macho about the scrapes on his side from the bear's claws.

The Poconos are home to a heavy concentration of Pennsylvania's growing black bear population, which the PA Game Commission estimates is about 20,000.

A spokesperson for the Game Commission said they talked with the man and attempted to tell him how foolish he was and how lucky to be alive. The man was not seriously injured.

The Game Commission decided that this bear would not have to be euthanized, as is often the case when a bear appears too comfortable around people.

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