Taylor Swift's over-the-top Eras Tour had many people living in Tampa Bay on edge last weekend when they saw a mysterious light moving across the night sky.

Swift performed for three nights at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa and even those who didn't attend the show got a surprise from the concert.

The spectacular light show during Taylor's song "Don't Blame Me" featuring huge beams of light surrounding Swift on stage could be seen making an ominous-looking rectangle in the sky over Tanpa.

Apparently, many people were fooled into thinking the Martians were en route and felt compelled to share the extraterrestrial sight on TikTok.

See a UFO or Taylor Swift TikTok posting, below.

BTW, The Taylor Swift Eras Concert, which plays Philly's Lincoln Financial Field on May 12,13 & 14 and Metlife Stadium on May 26, 27 & 28, sounds like an unbelievable live experience.

The New York Post says the 3-hour, 44-song concert is chock full of costume changes, large-scale set swaps, and unforgettable stunts.

The Post talked with Dave Brooks, Billboard Magazine's head of touring and live music, who was knocked out by the Era's Tour.

“It’s almost like a different Broadway musical for each song. The production quality is just so far ahead of whatever has been [done] … They’re building these very elaborate sets that they’re using for several songs as opposed to the whole concert. It’s gonna be one of the most expensive tours ever, but it will also be one of the highest-generating tours financially. So it pays for itself basically.”


@littlesophiebug sorry girl, its not a UFO the swifties were just at church 🙏🕯️🐍 #tstheerastourtampa #tampaerastour #dontblamemelovemademecrazy #erastour #taylornation #taylorswifttok #tstheerastour ♬ original sound - sophie bug ✨

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