Little Egg Harbor Township Police are looking for two suspects in an arson investigation.

Two Suspects Sought in Little Egg Harbor Fire

Little Egg Harbor Township Police are asking for help with information on two suspects in a fire at a home at 139 National Union Boulevard at 3:14 am on Monday, Jan 8th.

A surveillance video shows the two suspects walking onto the scene at about 1:54 am that morning. Then, almost an hour later at 2:47 am, the two suspects were seen walking away from the home minutes before the the residence caught fire.

Police Give Information on the Suspects' Identity

The quality of the surveillance video is poor, but LEH Police think that the suspects are men, with one person being taller than the other. Both suspects appeared to be wearing hooded sweatshirts and dark-colored pants.

Residents of the Neighborhood Are Asked for Help

Police are asking for people who live in the area of the arson, on the 200 block of National Union Blvd. and the 100 and 200 block of Lake Champlain Drive to check their home camera systems for any footage on the night in question.

Contact LEH Police With Any Information

If you have any surveillance video of these suspects or you have any information concerning this arson, Little Egg Harbor Township Police ask that you call 609-296-2666#100 to speak with Det. Cook.

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