Sand sculptor John Gowdy, an Atlantic City native, was back on his favorite beach over the weekend finishing a 20-ton sculpture he designed to remember those who died in the terroristic plane hijackings on September 11, 2001.

Gowdy, a retired captain from the Atlantic City Fire Department and a one-time Atlantic City lifeguard has created a sand sculpture memorial symbolizing the events of 9/11, showing a tired and devastated firefighter sitting along side the rubble of the buildings brought down that day, with a commemorative 9/11 rising up from behind with the numbers made from a twin towers replica.

The sculpture will be the centerpiece of a 9/11 remembrance event at the Jackson Ave. Beach and Boardwalk in Atlantic City at 10am Monday.

A massive U.S. flag will alsop be hung from two Atlantic City Fire Department trucks during the event and 200 American flags will be handed out to guests.

Attendees will include Mayor Don Guardian, Stockton University President Harvey Kesselman and Assemblymen Chris Brown.

Remarks will focus on South Jersey locals who lost their lives that day, including Victor Saracini, John O'Neill, Patricia Cody and Andrew Alameno.




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