Do you remember the days when our teacher would give us an assignment, and we had to actually go to a library, and find an encyclopedia (the blue ones, because the red ones never seemed to have the information we needed), and then flip through pages until we found the information we needed?

Or how about when we wanted to know what was on television?  There was the TV Guide, a printed magazine that listed the weeks' worth of tv shows along with a description of the shows, an article or two and of course a crossword puzzle.

These days, it seems like if you're looking for information, the first place to check is Google.  In fact, while Google, the service, originally was a noun in our language, these days, it can be used as a noun, "I'll check Google..." or a verb, "Can you Google the address of that restaurant?"

According to, its estimated that Google does 63,000 searches per second, or 5.6 billion searches each day, or 3 trillion dollars searches each year, and those are conservative numbers.

So, when Google releases its annual top 10 lists, it's always interesting to see what the world is really interested in.  This year's list to the top 10 trending terms in the US is no exception.

10.  Jeffrey Dahmer--No doubt the result of a popular, yet disturbing mini-series that aired on Netflix.

9.  Anne Heche--Famous actress who passed away after spectacularly crashing her car in a bizarre accident in August.

8.  Powerball Numbers--Number 8 and 7 are both very similar lottery games and both offered huge prizes this year.

7.  Mega Millions--I'm guessing the reason for these two games to be so close in searches, is probably casual players who wanted in on the large jackpots, and not sure we game they want to play.

6.  Ukraine--One of the biggest stories of the year around the world, and it seemed like we were seeing heartbreaking stories and pictures every day.

5.  Bob Saget--Celebrity deaths always create an interest.  Saget died unexpectedly in January of "blunt head trauma."

4.  Queen Elizabeth--There's always interest in the royal family, and this was a huge story here and abroad.

3.  Betty White--"America's Grandma" passed away last New Year's Eve at the age of 99.  Betty White was someone we almost believed she'd be with us forever.

2.  Election Results--Of course.

1.  Wordle--Good to see we have our priorities straight.  Of course we all wanted to know about the Wordle craze.  Ok, I admit, that I tried to play this game.  I tried twice, and never did grasp it.

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