It is so hard to find a nail salon that you’re absolutely obsessed with sometimes, but Yelp does make things like this so much easier. If you’re looking for the highest rates nail salon to try out in Mercer County, the answer is right here.

Now that we’re transitioning out of the summer months and jumping into the fall and winter festivities, this is the perfect time to start consistently getting your nails done and treating yourself! It’s totally understandable why a lot of us neglect ourselves of some quality manis and pedis during the summer, but the time to start back up is now!



There are a ton of local salons in the area that offer an array of services, but according to the people of Yelp, this one in Hamilton, New Jersey has the most positive ratings on the site.

According to the people of Yelp, Hamilton Nail Boutique in Hamilton, New Jersey is the highest-rated salon with the most amount of reviews. It stands at 4.4 stars based on past and present customer reviews and has 37 reviews right now, which is a good amount for a small business.


Based on the pictures that some of their clients have posted, it looks like you can get a lot of different styles and designs done at this salon as well. Most of the reviews range from 4-5 stars and customers have commented a lot on how long their manicures have lasted as well as the friendly staff.

Of course, there are the occasional 1 - 2 star reviews sprinkled within the reviews, but you’ll find those everywhere. So, if you’re looking for a new salon to try in the Mercer County area, Hamilton Nail Boutique is the spot to check out according to the local people of Yelp.

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