"Men's Health" Magazine recently listed the top... ten hottest traits women found in men in their latest online edition.

If you missed it, the list was tucked in between the features, "Look Great When You Sweat", and, "7 Signs You're Being Catfished". Please try not to let that diminish what you think of their hot traits list for men. Several of these seem to make some sense to me and I'd like your feedback on them

According to Men's Health, aside from having a lot of money, a recent study showed that these were the top 10 things women were looking for in a man.  Take a look at the list and give me your opinion of them in the comments section below.

Try to be specific about the things with which you really agree or disagree.  Remember ladies, some sad-sack guy might read your thoughts and it could completely turn him around...or not.

10-Don't cheat. Faithfulness is an important trait to 8 out of 10 women.

9-Be responsible and follow through, women like men who are dependable.

8-If she sees you treating others well, she'll swoon. It's important to show kindness.

7-Having a sense of humor is a must, showing you can laugh off the tough stuff.

6-What's sexier than a man with a book? Intelligence ranked in the top ten.

5-Having passion shows proof that you care and can get behind a cause.

4-A woman wants you to pay attention to her, which is why listening is a trait that made the list.

3-Guys, wine her and dine her. Gals like a man that's romantic.

2-You don't have to be on the cover of GQ but put some time and effort into your sense of style.

1-Looks aren't everything, but who are we kidding fellas - having a handsome face doesn't hurt.






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