Students and staff at Toms River High School South had a rough start to the school day. reports that the high school was evacuated by police this morning. Parents received a robocall with news of the evacuation. A source said K9 dogs were brought in to sniff backpacks for a possible bomb or explosive.

Ocean County Scanner News is also reporting about a bomb threat at Toms River High School South.

Toms River Police, and Ocean County Sheriffs Department evacuated Toms River High School South around 7:30 this morning due to a possible bomb threat. Bomb sniffing dogs are on scene sniffing all the students backpacks as seen in video attached below. Toms River Schools told parents in a voicemail, “As a result of information received there’s currently police activity on campus. All students and faculty are evacuated and safe at this time.”

OCSN has a photo of bomb-sniffing dogs being walked through a line of student backpacks on the school football field.

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UPDATE: Students and staff were allowed back in the school at about 8:45 a.m. after the threat was determined to not be credible.

Jillian Messina of the Toms River Police Department said that the person who called about the threat was never sure that the threat was real.

"It was stated in the tip that the person was unsure if what they overheard was a joke or an actual threat and wanted to alert authorities just in case."

The police department praised the person who called in the tip.

"We commend them for alerting authorities," Messina said. "See something, say something, it's always better to be safe!"

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