So earlier this morning, I ran into Starbucks (because where else would I be at 8:00 AM) to get my morning dose of caffeine.

As I was walking out of the establishment, a man who was smoking a cigarette threw the butt on the ground and it was STILL LIT.

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The worst part is that there was a garbage can no more than 5 ft from where he threw the used cigarette.

So many issues here:

1. Do I really need to explain why a lit cigarette is extremely dangerous? Let's just be thankful that he threw it in an area where nothing was flammable.

2. You know when you don't clean or pick up ANYTHING for an entire week and then your place is a mess and now you have hours of work to put it back together? This theory applies to South Jersey! Clean as you go and it won't ever get TOO bad. Hopefully.

3. You have every right to smoke. You do. But can you at least put the cigarette out so other people...and kids....walking by don't have to inhale your cigarette leftovers?

This kind of stuff really grinds my gears....if you couldn't tell....

This is OUR area, South Jersey. So let's work hard to KEEP South Jersey clean because those shoobies will be down before you know it and that is when the real work will begin.

Thank you.

Over and out.

Nicole Murray

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