Enough is enough.  It's time for New Jersey to do away with the stupid law that forbids New Jersey residents from pumping our own gas.

As of a week ago, New Jersey is now the only state that continues to insult its citizens' ability to care for themselves.

New Jersey's Retail Gasoline Dispensing Safety Act was enacted in 1949.  There has to be good reason for this law, right?

According to a report in the NY Post, New Jersey legislatures cited 10 findings to justify this law:

Fire Hazards:  Ok, but I've seen attendants with a cigarette dangling from his mouth while chatting on his cell phone, inserting my card.  

Helps Cashiers:  They say cashiers need to be able to see the pumps, so people don't rip them off.  But the pumps will only pump what you pay for, so that makes no sense.

Ensures Compliance:  See my comment above.

Insurance Issues:  Ever notice how many of NJ laws have some connection to insurance?  Is it more of a liability to pump in New Jersey than Pennsylvania?

Gas Fumes: Unless attendants are sucking the gas out of the pumps, is there a difference in gas fumes between when he pumps vs when I pump?  

Cost:  Right, New Jersey, which raised gas taxes because our prices were "too low" a few years ago, actually cares about cost?  Yet no concern about raising the price of tolls in New Jersey.

Vehicle Repairs:  They say that self-serve gas stations would make finding a mechanic more difficult.  Huh?

Maintenance Checks:  Get this, they say if they legalize self-serve gas stations, those with full service would charge more, and people would be less likely to take care of routine repairs because we'd be paying more for gas.  Only a New Jersey politician would offer such a ridiculous excuse.

Public Welfare:  Basically, we're too stupid to pump our own gas.

Look, there are certainly those who like the idea of someone else pumping for them.  But why can't a station offer both?  Keep the price the same.

Just let me pump my own.

Why New Jersey won't let you pump gas yourself (nypost.com)

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