We love our pizza, don't we?  There's something about our pizza that makes it stand out from pizza available in other states.

Everyone here in Jersey has an opinion on pizza too.  Some say it's all about the sauce, others swear it's the cheese, and of course there's the discussion about the water used to make the dough.

Whatever it is, people love our pizza.

Now that the tourist season is wrapping up, it's time to count the votes.  Who better to do that, than Tripadvisor.com?

Tripadvisor.com has put out their list of the top-rated pizza places in Atlantic City.  This list is based on reviews that people posted on their web site.  Who's number one?  We'll reveal that in a moment.

First, a look at some of the restaurants that made the list.  Let me remind you, there is no bad pizza in Jersey.

Jonuzi Chelsea Pizza is located at 9404 Ventnor Ave in Margate.  It scored 4 out of 5 stars with reviewers.

Gino's Pizza at 1200 Atlantic Ave in Atlantic City scored 4 out of 5 stars with reviewers.

Ah, but only one can be the best, and according to Tripadvisor.com the best pizza in Atlantic City can be found at Tony Boloney's on Oriental Ave.

You can get a plain pie and I'm sure it's delicious, but why go plain, when you can choose from Grumpy Gramps, and Shogun Shadow Boxer?

In fact, I can't even tell you the names of some of the pizzas without offending some of our readers.  It all looks great, and the reviews agree (definitely worth checking out).

The #1 pizza place in Atlantic City, according to Tripadvisor reviewers (msn.com)

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