What show's are on the top of your binge list? Are you still binge watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or your favorite reality show?

Are you still an American Idol, The Voice, Bachelor or Survivor fan? .

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Thanks to a recent survey from the website How to Watch, every state's favorite reality TV show was named. The criteria from the survey was determined by running TV titles through Google Trends for each individual state.

The most loved reality show in the Garden state is not Real Housewives of New Jersey. Shark Tank is the number 1 reality TV show we obsess about.

My wife has been on a Shark Tank binge every day this week. I have to admit, I also get hooked and can't stop watching especially when multiple episodes are on in a row. I have to know if the sharks will strike and make a deal.

What's you favorite Reality Show to binge on right now?


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