For some, October 31st is the most exciting and fun day of the year, yet for others, it's the creepiest time of year.

The folks at Thrillist just put out a list of the creepiest urban legends in every state, and Jersey's isn't what you might be thinking. First, according to Wikipedia, an urban legend is a tale, myth or contemporary folklore usually presented as true or humorous stories.

The creepiest urban legend in New Jersey is not the Jersey Devil, but The Watcher. The Watcher, according to, rose to horrifying fame in Summer 2015 when a young family in Westfield starting getting creepy letters from someone claiming to be The Watcher after moving into their house.

The Watcher claimed it was his responsibility to "watch over the house", and asked terrified residents if they needed to fill the house with young blood. Now that's a story to tell at parties!

Happy Haunting, everyone!


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