July 27th is officially National New Jersey Day and we're celebrating by bringing you some of the most interesting facts about our great state!

Check out these tidbits from National Day Calendar:

  • The first European settlement in New Jersey took place by the Dutch in 1660.
  • The British than took control of the  Garden State in 1664.
  • New Jersey was home to the most battles in the Revolutionary War due to its location.
  • New Jersey was the first state to sigh the Bill of rights and the third state to enter the Union.
  • New Jersey also boasts the highest population density if any state in the Nation 
  • Tomatoes, Blueberries and cranberries are world-famous in the Garden State and we're a major supplier of all to the entire world. 

Did you know that New Jersey has the most diners in the world, according to 50 states.com? No surprise there!

We also have the most shopping malls in one area in the world along with worlds longest boardwalk located right here in Atlantic City! Okay, THAT one surprised me.

And finally, our state motto is "liberty and prosperity" and the honeybee is our state bug!

I'm proud to call New Jersey my home state!



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