Here in New Jersey, we have many idiosyncrasies.  We do things our way, and we don't care what others think.  People from other states may not understand these things, but those from Jersey, just see them as a way of life.

Geographic Breakdown of New Jersey

1.  We have a distinct way of describing where we're from.  It starts with North, Central, or South Jersey, and usually includes an exit number.  A typical exchange might sound like this,

So where in Jersey you from?

I'm from South Jersey, near exit 36 off the Parkway 

2.  We have our own name for various Italian deli items.

Capicola = Gobagool  (Gob-uh-gool)

Mozzarella = Mutzarel  (Moot-zah-rel)

Prosciutto = Brochute  (Bro-shoot)


The Correct Way to Eat Pizza

3 There's only one way to eat pizza.  We fold the slice before we eat it.

4.  We would never think of pumping our own gas!


5.  We don't go to the beach.  We go down the shore.  Unless we're already there.  Then we're at the beach.

6.  We understand the meaning of jughandles, and we don't question the logic of getting into the right lane if we want to go left.

Who is the True Boss of New Jersey?

7.  New Jersey may have a governor, but we understand the real boss is a rocker named Bruce.

Bruce Springsteen
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8.  We settle things within the family.  It's okay for us to complain about our state among ourselves, but we get defensive when outsiders do it.

9. 3 ongoing arguments will never be settled...

a.  Hoagie or Sub

b.  Porkroll or Taylor Ham

c.  Does a Central Jersey exist?

10.  There are Jersey bagels, and then there are everyone else's bagels.

Okay, New Yorkers get this too.  A bagel is much more than a circle of dough that's baked.  If a bagel isn't boiled before being baked, is it really a bagel?

The Bagel Factory Inc. via YouTube
The Bagel Factory Inc. via YouTube

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