To quote Nelly’s 2002 hit song ‘Hot in Herre:’

Its gettin' hot in here (so hot)
So take off all your clothes

This jam must have been playing when the good people at MyDatingAdviser conducted a study they just put out. They set out to find the best places to go skinny dipping in the U.S.

The study compared over 800 swimming spots looking at categories like beach quality, safety, weather, and costs of nearby hotels.

There is nothing more liberating and joyful than a skinny dip. If you can visit a beautiful skinny dipping spot, it’s worth stripping down, enjoying nature, and having a splash! Remember, it’s not a big deal; even better if the water is cold!” said MDA’s Managing Editor, Amy Pritchett.


Ultimately, 13 skinny dipping spots in New Jersey were deemed the best places to go in the state. It's only legal to take off your clothes in one of these places – Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook. For the rest of these places, it's illegal to skinny dip. In fact, according to the State Parks Services, people could be hit with a fine upwards of $1,500 for illegally skinny dipping.

☀️ Spruce Run Reservoir (Clinton)
☀️ Lake Mohawk (Sparta)
☀️ Round Valley (Lebanon)
☀️ Sandy Hook (Highlands)
☀️ Delaware River (Frenchtown)
☀️ Manasquan Inlet (Manasquan)
☀️ Lake Hopatcong (Hopatcong)
☀️ Spring Lake (Spring Lake)
☀️ Lake Takanassee (Ocean City)
☀️ Cape May Beach (Cape May)
☀️ Lake Surprise (Highland Lakes)
☀️ Seven Presidents Island Beach (Long Branch)

Attractive Women in Water

The number one place to swim in your birthday suit instead of your bathing suit? Bellevue Beach!

According to MyDatingAdviser:

Bellevue Beach offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach has crystal-clear waters and plenty of privacy, ensuring that you’ll have a peaceful and serene experience while swimming nude.

Bellevue Beach is located near some of the most popular attractions in New Jersey, including Point Pleasant Boardwalk and Asbury Park.

The beach is also within driving distance of Atlantic City and its numerous casinos and nightlife venues.

Make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen beforehand and put your clothes back on before hitting the casinos.

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