It's an annual ritual as the calendar flips to a new year.  We prepare for a host of new laws that are about to take effect here in New Jersey.

The list this year, is actually kind of small.  However, the impact will be felt for many people who live and work in New Jersey.

Minimum Wage Increases in New Jersey

The minimum wage for most New Jersey hourly employees will increase to $15.13 an hour.  This is a continuation of a state law that Governor Murphy signed into law in 2019.  Each year, the minimum wage has been scheduled to increase until it reaches 15 dollars an hour- which it will in 2024.

This is 4 dollars higher than the federal minimum wage.

For those who work for tips, the law is different.  The minimum wage is set at $5.26 an hour.  If the employee doesn't make up the difference in tips, then the employer is responsible for making up the difference.

Tax Cuts

Among the cuts are the continuation of the ANCHOR Program.  This is the program that translates to $1500 for homeowners, and $450 for renters.

Also, the child tax credit will increase, as well as tax relief for seniors.

Hormonal Birth Control Without Prescriptions

Birth Control

Many oral contraceptives will now be available without the need for a prescription.  In addition, other contraceptives such as the Nuva Ring and the patch, are all going to be available "over the counter," meaning you will no longer need a prescription.

Feminine Hygiene Products in Schools

New Jersey schools will now be required to provide students in grades 6 through 12 with feminine hygiene products such as tampons and pads.  They will be available at no cost in the school restrooms.

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