The definition of 'White Christmas' means there's at least one inch of the white stuff on the ground come Christmas Day. If you've been dreaming of a white Christmas in South Jersey this holiday season, you might want to continuing reading this.

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We are now less than 29 days until Christmas so, I thought it would be a good idea to  once again check the odds of a South Jersey White Christmas for 2020 on the web site Will I Get A White Christmas.

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Last year there was only a 25 percent chance of snow in the Atlantic City area for December 25th. The odds gradually increased to 50 percent a few days before Christmas.

Snow lovers will be not be happy to know that the odds have dropped to 25 percent for South Jersey having a White Christmas for 2020. After all we've been through this year, it would be really nice to wake up to a few inches of snow on Christmas morning.

The White Christmas forecast is not as encouraging from the website AccuWeather which has the odds at less then 5% of South Jersey waking up to a winter wonderland on Christmas morning.           .

I'm by no means a 'snow lover' but, what's prettier than waking up on Christmas Day to a couple of inches of the white stuff? As long as it's only a couple of inches! There's still plenty of time for the odds to increase for snow on Christmas Day. Here's to hoping and dreaming of a White Christmas in South Jersey this year!


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