Millions of kids will go trick-or-treating in the next week with the arrival of Halloween 2015. That also means that plenty of Adults will also be keen on sampling plenty of Halloween treats.We'll spend close to $7 billion in total on all things Halloween including candy. Wherever you turn in the next week, candy beckons. Here'e a list of some of the unhealthiest Halloween candy from

Candy Corn is one of the worst offenders coming in at 28 grams of sugar.


A fun size Butterfinger contains over 100 calories and seven grams of fat.. (ouch)

Twizzlers may be low in fat but, they make up for it with plenty of sugar.

Sugar is the top ingredient in a Bay Ruth Bar. A fun-size bar has 10 grams worth of sugar.

 M& M's contain sugar soy and plenty of artificial colors.

Raisinets contains plenty of raisins that are dipped in chocolate and sugar.

My all-time favorite candy is Milky Way which is a big sugar offender. One small bar has over 21 grams of sugar.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!


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