Taylor Swift's Eras Tour will finally arrive in Philadelphia May 12, 13, and 14.  After a couple of dates out of the area, she'll return for 3 dates in East Rutherford.

The tickets sold out in near record time, leaving Swifties desperate for an alternative means of buying tickets.  Talk about sticker shock!  I want to meet the people who purchased the $40,000 tickets.

So far, the tour has received positive reviews.  Taylor's stage time has been about 3 hours per show, and she plays 44 songs.  I have to be truthful here, I would expect 44+ songs from Springsteen or Billy Joel, but I never realized how prolific Taylor's catalogue of music is.

I've heard some criticize her for writing about her relationships- usually about breaking up, but that's a ridiculous complaint.  Artists have survived on songs about being in love and breaking up forever.

Taylor seems to have a way of reaching into the heart of females, young and old.  She touches them.  That's the best compliment you can give an artist.

In order to compile this list, I watched a ton of Taylor Swift videos.  One thing that stuck out to me, was how many different versions of some songs that exist.  There's a lot.

My list contains the best of the best.  I stayed mostly with the official version that was released, and I listed them in no particular order.

If you have young girls in your home, this may be a difficult month for you, if like me, you can't afford the $1200+ ticket price.  Here's a suggestion, have a Tay Tay party night.  There's a ton of free concert videos available, get some popcorn, turn down the lights, and crank up the sound.

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