From the "Only in the 21st Century" file: Most people who die while trying to take a selfie end up drowning, new statistics have found.

Turkish researchers compiled 111 international selfie-related mishaps reported in the media between December 2013 and January 2017, involving 159 victims, mostly from India, Russia and the USA..

The findings, which were published in the Turkish Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, revealed that the majority of victims were students.

The most common cause of death in selfie accidents was drowning, with 57 people killed trying to take a picture of themselves in or near a body of water.

Here's the most bizarre list of reasons for death we've seen this week, the Top Five Ways People Die taking Selfies.

1- Drownings - 57

2- Falling - 27

3- Crushed by train - 18

4- Gunshot

5- Electrocution


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