Helen Turner, who was believed to be the oldest person in South Jersey, and possibly in New Jersey,  died Thursday at 111-years old. Turner was born on April 1, 1907 and was married to Arthur Turner for 47 years. The Linwood resident was a teacher in Margate for 40 years, after starting her teaching career in a one-room Maryland school house, according to her obituary.

The Press of Atlantic City sites several examples of her feisty personality, even in her later life, including starting a online campaign to dance on the "Ellen" show at 110 years old to going for a ride in a 1919 Model T Ford on her 110th birthday.

In an interview with the Press of Atlantic City last year, Helen credited her long life to clean living.

“I was born and raised on a farm, I think that maybe had something to do with it, and maybe my parents had good genes. That’s what my doctor says. I never smoked. I would take an occasional drink, but not very often. I eat the things that are good for me.


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