Looking to get away for a long summer weekend? This might be the perfect place for a mini vacation, especially for those who love a bit of nostalgia.

The folks at Thrillist have come up with a list of the most iconic hotel in every US state. To score a high "iconic" mark, the hotel must be steeped in nostalgia and history.

According to the list, the Garden State's most iconic hotel, which still maintains its classic charm, is the Claridge Hotel located on S. Indiana Avenue in Atlantic City! This hotel first opened its doors back in 1930, and was originally know as Skyscraper by the Sea.

Famous guests know to have stayed at this iconic getaway include Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, the notorious Al Capone, and Princess Grace!

Just in case you were wondering, the most iconic hotel in Pennsylvania is the Inn at Leola Village in Lancaster. Oh, and The Plaza in New York City was voted as the most iconic in New York.


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