For those wondering, the difference between a Jewish deli and a regular deli typically comes down to several menu items.

In a Jewish deli, you'll find some traditional Jewish items like latkes (potato pancakes), knishes (fried dough typically stuffed with mashed potatoes), and kugel (oy, don't ask!)

Harold's New York Deli in Edison is one of the best, but here in South Jersey, we've got The Kibitz Room, in The Shoppes at Holly Ravine in Cherry Hill.

Sandwiches at Jewish Delis tend to be pretty monstrous.  These sandwiches aren't for the faint of heart...or people with heart problems.  They're huge.

The Kibitz Room via Facebook
The Kibitz Room via Facebook

The Kibitz Room offers about 25 different sandwiches, from hot pastrami to hot corned beef or brisket.   They have several versions of the Rueben, and other old-time favorites to nosh on like Knishes, kosher hotdogs, Kugel, and more.   Oy Vey, the matzo ball soup is to die for.

If you're having a gathering of friends, they offer all different kinds of party platters and desserts as well.  They cater to all sizes of parties.

The Kibitz Room via Facebook
The Kibitz Room via Facebook

According to one review on Yelp,

The food and service are top notch, and you always get more than you can eat. So plan to take a doggie bag. In addition to the sandwiches (my favorite is the corn beef on rye), order a piece of cake. It's a huge portion too, so plan to share it with your friends. Also while you're there, definitely try the variety of pickles they serve. They're delicious!

The Kibitz Room is located at 100 Springdale Rd Cherry Hill.

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