If you are like me, you always say you are going to tidy up that closet, organize those papers, or clean out the garage.  While we are home and have more time than usual, we have the perfect opportunity to finally declutter our house and our life.  But, where to begin? 

Sometimes organizing just feels overwhelming.  Does this sound familiar - you start a project, make a mess, and then I wonder why you even started it at all?  

Trying to declutter your life all at once can be daunting. I realize I need a better system, so I found the 30 Day Declutter Challenge.  It is a printable calendar to help you organize and declutter your entire home in 30 days. Of course, you can tweak a bit to fit your own particular needs, but it a good place to start. By taking baby steps and doing a little bit every day, you will find your life decluttered before you know it. There are also suggestions on things you can do to free up your space as well as your mind.

In addition to cleaning up your physical world, you can start to clean up your electronic world. Back up any important photos or documents onto a cloud. There is no reason to have 3,000 pictures just sitting on your phone and taking up space. Go through all your apps and delete all of the unnecessary things you have accumulated over the years. By cleaning up your phone like this, it will actually speed up your phone and make using a decluttered phone easier.


Now that everything has closed or slowed down, we have a chance to reflect on our life, our schedule, and our calendar.   Once things get going again, will we go back to that hectic pace? Take a look at your calendar. Is it packed full of things to do every minute of every day? Take the time to prioritize your obligations and consider backing out of some.

There is no one in this world you need to take care of more than yourself, and if you are constantly running in all directions you won't have any time left for yourself. Start scheduling time for yourself in your calendar and stick to it.  A packed schedule leaves no time for you.  Of all the things we need to declutter, that is probably the most important.


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