Stand back, My Pillow. The hottest pillow this season is the Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow from Arby's. The fast food joint recently rolled out its holiday merchandise ( who knew they had holiday merchandise?) featuring an over-the-head pillow that looks just like a deep-fried turkey.

If you are thinking it sounds like a turkey helmet, well, yes, that's it, exactly.

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It is a full-sized turkey with drumsticks and wings attached to the outside that slides down over your head so that most of it would be inside the bird pillow. It covers the top of the head and fits down to the nose and covers the ears. One person compared it to an elaborate sleeping mask that would be perfect for long-haul flights

Oh, sure, I can see it now. It's a crowded flight and I get stuck in the middle seat, and the guy next to me is wearing a turkey pillow and wants to rest his drumstick on my shoulder.

According to a statement arby's released to Fox News...

The Deep-Fried Turkey Pillow, which premiered by way of an “infomercial-style ad,” does indeed resemble a deep-fried turkey. However, instead of resting your head on the soft and golden brown bird, your face goes inside, so it acts as both a pillow and an eye mask.

“The delicious looking hat is designed so you can rest easy and comfortably after eating all the turkey (or Deep-Fried Turkey sandwiches) you want.

The Deep Fried Turkey Pillow is really a smooth piece of turkey marketing for the release of an Arby’s limited-time Deep-Fried Turkey Sandwich, which is now available at participating locations nationwide.

Unfortunately, the $59.95 Deep-fried turkey Pillow is not available at Arby's or anywhere else.  According to Arby’s, the item is sold out two hours after Arby's put an ad for it on their Instagram page, but fans can still enter to win one, along with a 50% coupon for a turkey sandwich or wrap.

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