For some of us, the best part of Super Bowl Sunday are the commercials. Here are the Big Winners according to the USA Today Super Bowl XLIX Ad Meter.Here are the Top 5 best Super Bowl Commercials ranked by the USA Today Ad Meter:








Number  5:  Doritos / Middle Seat. I have to admit, this one made me laugh.

Number 4: Microsoft / Braylon One of the most inspirational commercials of the game.

Number 3: Fiat / Blue Pill Another funny one

Number 2: Always / Like a Girl This spot redefines how to run and throw like a girl.

Number 1: Budweiser / Lost Dog The puppy wins again!

My Favorite: Snickers / Very Brady

The Bottom 3:

T-Mobile / Save the Data

Jublia / Tackle it

uCool / Hereos Charge

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