Well, another Super Bowl is in the books. I honestly contemplated calling out of work today with some version of a super flu but, at the last minute I decided against it.

My prediction also went up in flames as the Patriots staged the comeback of a lifetime. Or, we could say, the Falcons just gave it away. At any rate, at least the commercials were great!

There were some really good ads last night, and to be honest, some really terrible ones. Here's a list of some of my favorites to put a wrap on Super Bowl LI.

  • 1

    Buick - Cam Newton

    This was the first super spot that gave me a good laugh. Watch as Cam Newton goes up against some 'tiny tikes' who totally stole the commercial.

  • 2

    Honda - Yearbook

    This was one of the most creative spots of the night. The special effects were just amazing!

  • 3

    Kia - Hero's Journey

    Another fun spot with amazing special effects, especially when Melissa McCarthy falls when the Ice Cap splits in two.

  • 4

    Tide - Big Stain

    I love the way the commercial tied in Terry Bradshaw and his role on the Super Bowl Pregame Show. I was hoping for the stain to make a comeback at the end of the commercial!

  • 5

    Bai Bai Bai

    What a funny and clever spot that also gave me a good laugh. It featured Justin Timberlake, Christopher Walken and NSYNC's classic hit, Bye Bye Bye!

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