Does it seem like there are more people distracted by their devices while driving in South Jersey than in other places you drive? That's what a study of accident data in New Jersey has found.

As part of distracted driving month, New Jersey is cracking down with an annual three-week police ticketing campaign.

Analysts at QuoteWizard investigated the state’s Department of Transportation data on crashes related to cell phone usage finding that New Jersey ranks number one in the country for most distracted drivers using phones once every 4.7 miles driven.

The Data shows a 27% increase in crashes related to cell phone usage from 2011 to 2016.

Cape May, Atlantic and Ocean counties are all in the top ten New Jersey counties with the highest rate of distracted driving accidents according to the investigation using NJDT cell phone usage crash data and county population data.

Cape May County, with the state's second lowest population, is singled out for having the fourth highest rate of distracted driving accidents among New Jersey counties.

Atlantic County ranks at #8 statewide with 3.59 crashes per 10,000 people and Ocean County is #9 with 3.27 crshes per 10,000 people.

See all the results and more information about this New Jersey distracted driver study.



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