Allow me to play realtor with you for just a minute, because I believe I've found just the property for you to enjoy summers at the beach in Stone Harbor.

The good news about your new 1,225 sq ft. beach home is that it's ocean front, just a 60-foot walk to the beach.  Your closest neighbor is the Villa Maria By-the-Sea, the 4-acre nun summer retreat property across the street and the property boasts 220-degree unobstructed ocean views and close proximity to a  bird sanctuary, according to the listing.  Sounds pretty, pretty good so far, right?

One challenge to making this quaint little beach cottage your go-to summer getaway might be the price, which is a tad under $8 million!  But, hey, you could always fiance this exclusive beach shack for only $1.6M down and $40,000 a month.

I told you we could make this little beach-front beauty work for you!

Interested? Remember, I get a 10% finders fee.  See the listing.

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