•   Snookie and The Sitch are representative of typical New Jersey residents.

When talking to someone who's never been to New Jersey, the question always comes up.  Is New Jersey like the TV show, The Jersey Shore?  The truth of the matter is that with the exception of Sammi Giancola and Deena Cortese, the rest are from New York (Pauly D. is from Rhode Island).  They are certainly not New Jersey.

  • People in New Jersey have a weird accent

I would argue that people in New Jersey don't have Jersey accents.  What you hear is a mash-up of Philly and New York accents, depending on where you are in New Jersey.

  • Everyone in New Jersey is connected to the Mafia

If we were, do you think we'd be talking about it?

  • New Jersey is a series of smokestacks and Highways

This may be the biggest incorrect stereotype.  It may be because people who fly into Newark to get to New York see it front and center, but that's only one part of the state.

We are proud of the beautiful shoreline, the Delaware Water Gap is breathtaking, and we have lots of lakes and trails throughout the state.

  • People in New Jersey are bad drivers

I prefer to look at our driving as having superb survivor skills.

  • There's nothing to do in New Jersey

Devils, Giants, and Jets, miles of shoreline, Atlantic City, hiking trails, museums, concert venues, restaurants, lakes and so much more!

  • New Jersey is the rudest state 

Don't confuse honesty for being rude.  We are brutally honest.  We say what's on our mind, always.  We're not shy about sharing opinions.

  • Nobody wants to live in New Jersey

...except all the folks who work in New York and Philly.  Yes, Springsteen wrote Born to Run about getting away from New Jersey, but where does he call home?  Exactly.

  • Only New Jersey beaches charge a fee

Okay, this is complicated.  Yes, we do charge to get on most of our beaches.  However, in my travels, I've found that other places make up for beach fees in other ways.  For instance, go to Folley Beach in Charleston, and you'll probably pay about 50 bucks to park (true).

  • NJ has the most toll roads 

Nope.  We do have a ridicules amount of tolls.  However, Florida is a state that has more, as well as higher tolls.

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