We have received A LOT of good news within the past 24 hours.

And now the second piece of good news has to do with your coffee fix.

Yes. What you have heard is true. Starbucks will now be delivering through Uber Eats throughout the entire USA by early 2020 but delivery is available through New Jersey NOW!

I must say, it is an amazing feeling to be one of the first to be chosen. (We see you, Starbucks)

The 95% of the original Starbucks menu will be available for delivery and you can still personalize your order just as you would if you were ordering on the Starbucks app!

Also keep in mind that items may be a bit more expensive when you order it for deliver but hey, everything comes at a price.

But let me end this on a good note. Every customer will receive 25% off their first Starbucks delivery order when they enter this promo code: STARBUCKS25!

You are welcome for that.

Take a look at the original article at

P.S. I like Soy, Sugar Free Vanilla Iced Lattes. In case you needed to know.

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