Two new Amazon delivery stations coming this summer will bring new job opportunities to the Burlington County area.

The additional South Jersey Amazon facilities are slated for Delran (on the 400 block of Delran Parkway) and Bordentown (2400 block of Old York Road).

Amazon delivery stations serve as a kind of 'middle man' for the company. Amazon fulfillment and sorting centers send packages to the delivery stations, when then get loaded onto Amazon trucks before landing on customer doorsteps.

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Not only will faithful Amazon shoppers be happy about the new delivery stations, but the community is likely to benefit as well. A representative for Amazon says the stations will create job openings for employees and independent contractors, according to Courier Post.

And, I guess this means Burlington Co. residents will see even more Amazon trucks driving up and down their streets.

As for when the new Delran and Bordentown Amazon delivery stations will begin filling those positions and just how many there will be, Amazon spokeswoman Emily Hawkins says, "Those job numbers will be available closer to station launch".

Just this past Wednesday, Union County became home to an over 335,000 square foot delivery station.

SOURCES: Courier Post

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