The pesky spotted lanternfly sightings have already begun this year and are on the rise all over New Jersey.

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The spotted lanternfly is known as a plant hopper, since it's known to jump more than fly, was first detected in Berks County Pennsylvania in 2014. The invasive bug can cause havoc on your holiday season by laying egg masses on your decorative and festive Christmas tree. One egg mass can contain 30 to 50 eggs. There is no fun in dealing with that mess during the holiday season.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that eight South Jersey counties are already under quarantine for the spotted lanternfly as per The New Jersey Department of Agriculture.  The counties include Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Hunterdon, Mercer, Salem, Somerset and Warren.

There is over a 1,300% increase in sightings in the Garden State in a report from If you spot this colorful bug you are asked to call a special hotline number which is 833-BADBUG-0 (833-223-2840). You can also send an email with a photo to

Killing the insect is highly recommended, along with wrapping tape with the adhesive side out to catch them. Be on the look out for egg masses attached to trees. They will resemble putty and will have a grayish color to them.

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