Oh, baby, the results are in for the top baby names new South Jersey parents made popular in 2021.

And, surprisingly, there was a tie for both most popular boys' and girls' names this year.

AtlantiCare's Center for Childbirth team says Liam and Noah tied for the most common names for baby boys. Gianna and Olivia tied for the most popular with the girls.

Baby names offer a glimpse at what's fashionable in a particular year. For instance, in 1921, the most popular baby names in America were Mary and John.

A century later, John is way down the list at 48th most popular, and Mary didn't crack the top 100 on the list.

Here are the names that topped the list for babies this year in South Jersey.

South Jersey's Top Girl Baby Names in 2021:

1- Gianna

1- Olivia

2- Charlotte

3- Sophia

4- Luna

5- Amelia

6- Emma

South Jersey's Top Boy Baby Names in 2021:

1- Liam

1- Noah

2- Daniel

3- Joseph

4- Logan

5- Lucas

6- Matthew

It is interesting to note the similarities and differences in popularity between the South Jersey names list and the national countdown.

With the boys, the top two names, Liam and Noah, are exactly the same as the most popular boys' names across America. But, after that, only Lucas shows up on both lists.

For the girls, Olivia is the top name both locally and nationally. Gianna, the other top girl's name on the local list, finishes out of the top 10 at number 11, but all the other most popular girls' names mirror the national list.

Here are the most popular baby names nationally in 2021, according to Baby Center.

America's Top Girl Baby Names in 2021:

1- Olivia

2- Emma

3- Amelia

4- Ava


6- Charlotte

7- Isabella

8- Mia

9- Luna

10- Harper

America's Top Boy Baby Names in 2021:

1- Liam

2- Noah

3- Oliver

4- Elijah

5- Lucas

6- Levi

7- Mason

8- Asher

9- James

10- Ethan

Edward does not place on either list this year.

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