Attention South Jersey residents and upcoming South Jersey visitors:

This photo was taken during my nighttime walk with Carolina YESTERDAY, on March 2nd -- so now there is something very important I have to say before the Summer months hit.

It is never just one wrapper. It is never just one take out container. It is never just one piece of plastic or garbage.

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IT ADDS UP and that is how you get disgusting sights like the photo taken above.

According to, there is a whopping 359,191 people who live in Atlantic County (266,105 people) and Cape May County (93,086 people) combined.

If every single person littered just one piece of trash in their lifetime, that is 359,191 pieces of garbage that we have scattered throughout South Jersey that is killing our marine life, dirtying our beaches and ultimately destroying the one Earth we have.

Plus, that is over 300,000 pieces of garbage that need to be cleaned or picked you want that job?

Not to mention, do you even want to get me started on how bad these numbers get during the peak summer months?

According to, New Jersey had a total of 116 million visitors during the Summer of 2019.

Do you get where I am going with this?

And if I may also add, we have been stuck in a restricted society for a year now.

When the world opens back up and the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, I plan on making up for that lost time.

Do you really want to go to a beach where there is garbage everywhere?

Do you really want to anchor your boat at a marina with floating plastic?

Do you really want to flirt it up at a beach bar that smells like trash?

Throw out your garbage, clean up after yourself and whenever you are hanging out somewhere, make sure you leave it just as clean if not cleaner as you found it.

If you see a piece of trash, PICK IT UP. I promise, it won't kill you. It's called doing a good pass it on.

Stay clean kids.

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