Believe it or not, New Jersey is ranked as the 6th state in America that utilizes solar power the most.

And it is about to increase ten fold.

According to, "The installation of solar panels on homes and businesses currently charges a 30% federal tax credit but that will drop down to 26% by next year," said Peter Peretzman, spokesman for the NJ Board of Public Utilities.

At first, switching over to solar panels is definitely a financial investment but experts say that over time, you get your money back and more because the use of solar panels will make other bills substantially lower.

“Environmentally, we would be good to go, if we could justify it economically,” said Dougherty. “In six or seven years, the money spent will be paid back.”

Not to mention, adding solar panels to residential units will increase its value because the life of the roof is extended because it is protected from other natural elements.

Now yes, I know that it can tough to shell out a sum of cash for something like this but in the long run, it sounds like there are little to no negatives. Using solar panels is a change that must start happening now because relying on oil is destined to be a failure.

There are economic benefits and environmental benefits -- I am not really seeing a downside. So start saving up for solar panels now!

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