A 10-year-old boy from Texas will be traveling hundreds of miles to the Jersey Shore later this week to be sworn in as an honorary police officer.

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His name is Devarjaye "DJ" Daniel, he's from Houston, and he is battling metastatic anaplastic ependymoma brain and spine cancer.

According to WFAA-TV in Dallas, three years ago, he was given just five months to live, "but just listening to the kid, you’d never know it."

But his diagnosis has not slowed him down -- in fact, just the opposite. He set out on a mission to be sworn in by 100 law enforcement agencies. And he's done just that and more.

KHOU-TV reports DJ hit his goal earlier this year and he has now been sworn in by some 300 police departments across the nation.

And now it's South Jersey's turn.

The Longport Police Department and others in our area will be hosting DJ and his family this Thursday through Saturday for his swearing-in as an honorary police officer. A ceremony is scheduled to take place at the Ocean City Music Pier Friday morning at 11:00.

So far this year, DJ has joined police departments in Houston, Dallas, Memphis, and beyond. He's an honorary officer, deputy sheriff, SWAT team member, game warden, and even a chief of police in a few cities.

Part of DJ's mission is to, "bring awareness to his form of cancer, show his support to the men and women in blue, and motivate others to achieve their goals and dreams despite life’s challenges," according to the Longport PD.

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