A new version of the iconic board game, Monopoly, focusing on South Jersey, is in the works for 2023. That, along with the original version of the game being centered on Atlantic City, kind of gives us a monopoly on Monopoly, doesn't it?

Last week, a press conference was held at the Cape May County Zoo featuring Rich Uncle Moneybags, aka... the Mr. Monopoly mascot and life-sized game cards to announce the upcoming local version of the game and ask for your input about the local spots that should replace the classic Atlantic City squares.

Okay, I'll start by throwing in these three rather obvious South Jersey landmarks.

- Lucy the Elephant

- Ocean City Music Pier

- Storybook Land.

Do you agree? What South Jersey business or identifiable attraction would you suggest for South Jersey Monopoly?

You can send your suggestion to the Hasbro licensed distributor Top Trumps USA or just leave it in the comments for us to see.  southjerseyshore@toptrumps.com

“South Jersey has an incredibly unique identity as ‘The Place for Family Fun,’” Brooke Gorman, a representative from Top Trumps USA, said. “From bustling nightlife to beautiful beaches, boardwalks and everything in-between, we are excited to create an accurate portrayal of what visitors and residents love about the Shore.”

I thought this South Jersey version of the game was a really cool, local thing -- something special and unique. But, then I read that they also have dedicated versions of Monopoly for Brooklyn, Palm Springs, San Antonio and the Hamptons. Plus, a Pittsburgh version is also in the works.

Pittsburgh? The Hamptons?  It seems like they have sold out by making customized versions of Monopoly for every truck stop in America.

What about Baltic Ave, Boardwalk, and Marven Gardens? Actually, the Monopoly board spells it wrong, as "Marvin Gardens".

This bothers me way more than it should.

The South Jersey Monopoly is dues out by July 4, 2023.

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