Even though temps are flirting with 60 degrees this week, we wanted to give a little love to the Villas Volunteer Fire Department for a water rescue they successfully completed on an icy lake over the weekend.

The boy, who wan't identified by firefighters, fell through the ice of Ponder Lodge Lake in the Villas section of Lower Township, and ended up on an island around 5:30 p.m.Saturday, according to a Facebook post from Villas Vol. Fire Department.

Two rescue swimmers suited up and swam to the boy, officials said. They used a rescue board and ropes to bring him back to the shore. He was transported to a local hospital for further evaluation.

“Please remember that ice is not always as thick as it seems,” the department wrote on Facebook. “Please use caution so you don’t end up a victim.”

A big thank you to those courageous firefighters!

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