However, the unique part of this story are some of the safety precautions that are being put into place.

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A few of the rules are to be expected such as an increased police presence, restaurants will be open for takeout only, scaled back parking restrictions, and rides, games and amusement parks will remain closed for the time being.

But the two most interesting rules are ones that I think should be set up throughout all New Jersey beach towns for this upcoming Summer.

The first is that hand sanitizing stations will be set up at every beach entry point and signage will be hung up to help encourage people to continuously wash their hands.

A lot of people make their way down to South Jersey every year. The more people that there are, the more germ-killing products will need to be used.

And here is my personal favorite.

Representatives from the businesses along the boardwalk will act as social distancing ambassadors to ensure customers remain at least 6 feet apart, even when being served.

Think about it. When picking up or ordering food at a counter or waiting in line, it is very easy to forget about the 6-feet rule.

That is why ambassadors are being placed throughout the boardwalk. Everyone stays far enough apart so that our beaches and boardwalks remain open. Sounds like a win-win to me.

So do you agree? Should hand sanitizing stations and social distancing ambassadors be a thing throughout the entire Garden State?

This Summer may not be exactly how we imagined it but let's make it the best it can be!

Onward and upward.

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