Bad Bunny sure knows how to make an entrance. The más popular Puerto Rican singer and rapper spent about $50,000 in two hours in a Philadelphia strip club Saturday night.

Bad Bunny was in town for his Sunday night headlining spot at the Made in America Festival on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, BB and his posse arrived at the Sin City Cabaret in Southwest Philly at about 12:30 am and stayed until closing at 2:30 am.

Club owner Gus Drakopoulos told the Inquirer that the party just wanted to chill and hang out, which they did in the Sin City VIP area.

"He's a spender. He wants to have a good time", Drakopoulos told the Inquirer.

Just how did Bad Bunny spend so much money, so quickly? The paper said the club owner told them Bad Bunny split up the money between his five to ten friends who gave about $45,000 to the 20 or 30 dancers and spent the rest on drinks.

Bad Bunny certainly has the money to spend.

He's coming off the success of his chart-topping album, “Un Verano Sin Ti,” last weekend’s VMAs artist of the year award, and two sold-out nights at Yankee Stadium.

Sunday's jammed appearance at Made in America is described by Variety as a "high, inventive level of artistry or the intensity of the Spanish-speaking, Puerto Rican-flag-waving crowds who adore him".

Back at Sin Cty, the owner confirms that $50K is the biggest one-night spend by anyone in the club's two years open in Philly.

There was another Sin City club in the Bronx where rapper Cardie B supposedly danced for a few years before she became successful and left the business, but that location has closed.

Sounds like they could have used a few visits by Bad Bunny and his bankroll.

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