According to a report on, these are some of the findings that new data reveals about our state’s wealthiest counties.

Statewide, our median family income in New Jersey is $67,521.

Cumberland County, ranked dead last in the stacker report, with a median household income of $55,709.  Located along Delaware Bay, the count’s main industries are agriculture and maritime.    Cumberland County is also Ranked 16th in population in the state.

Atlantic County is ranked just above Cumberland at #20.  People living in Atlantic County have a median household income of $63,680.

Bettmann Archive
Bettmann Archive

Cape May County was in the lower half of the list of median household incomes.  People living in Cape May County have a median household income of $72,385.  That's just over 11% above the national average.

Camden County benefits from its proximity to Philadelphia.  Snuggled between Gloucester and Burlington Counties, the median household income for this southwest county is $70,957.

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One South Jersey county did break the top 10 of the counties with the highest median income.

Burlington County is in the top 10 with a median household income of $90,329.  Burlington County is the largest county in the state (by land).  It's also one of the fastest growing population centers in the state.

You can certainly see where New York City plays a role in the wealth centers of our state.  Many of the highest household median incomes are nestled in the northern part of the state.

You can see the complete ranking of New Jersey counties at

People who live here make the most money in New Jersey, according to data (

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